Plant towers banner

What do you want to do in the public space and why?

Design, create and install solid concrete pillars with steel rectangular frame work so they create green growing pillars placed down the centre of the median strip as you enter the city on Daly Street.

How you will make this project happen?

Design create and install with the Fusion team, Joinery and Welding departments.

When will the project start and finish? How long will it take?

Creation will take 2-3 weeks, installation 2-3 weeks. December install for the plants to get water during the wet season

What permits or whose permission will you need to implement the project? What do you already have and what will you need to obtain?

Darwin City council. Possibly MVR

How will you deliver the project, including how many people will be involved and any partnerships you have developed?

Contract a cement cast company, Fusion team including joinery and welding department. NT office Installations.

How will you know your project is successful?

If they grow and create a greener area and more inviting entrance to the city.

Plant towers map