Swim movie theatre banner

What you want to do in the public space and why?

A cinema / projector screen setup at the wave pool for people to watch movies or other entertainment! There would be flotation rafts / tubes for people to sit in as they watch a movie, short film festival or even an esports event! This will attract many people and add to the already large investment made to the Darwin Waterfront area.

How you will make this project happen?

There would need to be some checks with the Darwin Waterfront Corp and the wave pool to ensure that this is even possible. A plan will then be required to see who will facilitate the activities / events.

When will the project start and finish? How long will it take?

The project would run a test run phase and then be run on specific days such as during school holidays or on weekends.

What permits or whose permission will you need to implement the project? What do you already have and what will you need to obtain?

Permission from the Waterfront Corp would be required as well as permission to see if it can be facilitated by the necessary staff including lifeguards. Special licencing may be required such as police clearance and other licences that allow for public display of movies and or shows etc.

How will you deliver the project, including how many people will be involved and any partnerships you have developed?

It would be delivered by partnering with several local businesses including the Wave pool, Waterfront Corp. Partnerships with local event companies and / or cinemas would also be required to facilitate such an ambition.

How will you know your project is successful?

Numbers of attendance and economic impact will be a huge indicator of the success of this.

Swim movie theatre map