What you want to do in the public space and why?

We want to bring stories of people of the Territory into the public realm. We propose to activate phone booths across the CBD with the ability to listen to existing stories and also record your own. Final locations will be determined by state of phone booths as well as proximity to bus stops to encourage those interested to use public transport and to equally add value to those who already utilise public transport. There are 17 telephone booths in the zoned area, a minimum of seven which are located in close proximity of a bus station. Each booth will contain a different story so there is a reason to explore and try and listen to all stories.

How you will make this project happen?

We will work with Telstra and our experienced sound design team to incorporate the necessary technology into the telephone booths. We will work with Story Project to develop a curated list of existing stories from their Spun collection. We will advertise the project via our existing social media and broader networks and encourage people to record stories of their own. We will gather new recordings regular, listen to them first for quality assurance and include them in the stories that you can listen to. Once the project is complete we will look at ways to use the stories to inform future projects in public spaces.

When will the project start and finish? How long will it take?

This project will occur initially as a pilot taking place over three months.

What permits or whose permission will you need to implement the project? What do you already have and what will you need to obtain?

Permission will be sought from Telstra to activate the phone booths. We will also require permission from the story tellers.

How will you deliver the project, including how many people will be involved and any partnerships you have developed?

I am an experienced designer and project manager. SPUN Stories will be a presenting partner and has presented over 80 unique stories via their live storytelling event and SPUN podcast. This combined expertise will come together to see stories integrated into public space and leverage off existing infrastructure. This project will hopefully be the first of many such collaborations.

How will you know your project is successful?

When people not only engage and listen with the existing stories but decided to record their own.

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