What you want to do in the public space and why?

Improved interactive signage (with potential AR) for residents, visitors and tourists coming to the city and interested in "walking tours" around the town. Signage would include details on the site of Darwin and its underlying geological aspects (Some outcrops are 1.8B years old), linkage to the first building in the area (stones and where sourced), more recent aboriginal and western cultural, maritime and military history, and understanding of Darwin Harbour and surrounding lands. Note: Signage should be able to read and translate via devices into multiple languages.

How you will make this project happen?

  1. A lot of information is already publicly available, but needs to be compiled into a coherent narrative suitable for the layman to understand and enjoy.
  2. Planning the route to take in the 'best' parts of Darwin’s features, including consideration of shops, rest stops and user comfort. This will involve consultation with several stakeholders to refine the route and contents.
  3. Design signage and information content at each site of interest.
  4. Approval for signage erection at sites.
  5. "Hand-over" to suitable custodian.

When will the project start and finish? How long will it take?

Most of the planning and formulation of the Geotrail can be done quickly based on information on hand. 3 months for consultations with relevant stakeholders. Approvals - unknown timeframe, but would assume around 1-3 months. Signage erection - 1 month (subject to approvals).

What permits or whose permission will you need to implement the project? What do you already have and what will you need to obtain?

This Geotrail will require approvals from relevant landholders to erect signage on their lands. Depending on Historical sites, potentially additional approvals required. AAPA clearances.

How will you deliver the project, including how many people will be involved and any partnerships you have developed?

The Geotrail is a 'floating concept' which can include all or some of the elements above. The more involved the 'richer' the Geotrail will be, but also potentially the more complicated to implement to everyone's satisfaction. Key foreseen stakeholders include Darwin City Council, Tourism NT, Department of Tourism Sport and Culture, Aboriginal Organisations, Department of Primary Industry and Resources

How will you know your project is successful?

Project delivered within TCQ tolerances with post-project monitoring of social media for 'positive' content of the Geotrail. Usage over time as people use the Geotrail. User and stakeholder satisfaction surveys.

Geotrail map