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What you want to do in the public space and why?

Design and install creative and visually appealing interactive displays around the city, creating fun experiences for locals and visitors. The installations would invite passers-by to provide feedback, answer questions, share ideas/feelings/memories or simply offer a space for creative expression. Not only will they add to the experience of visitors traveling through the city, they will also liven up and activate some of the ‘dull’ or quiet spots around town. The decals / installations would add some character around the city, reflecting our fun / laid back and unique lifestyle, and contribute to reflecting our city as the fun and interesting place it is. The experiences could vary from basic chalk or white board textures inviting people to write / draw or colour-in interesting stencils (perhaps with a Darwin theme), to inviting more creative expression such as choosing particular coloured stickers/dots/responses to reflect certain emotions etc. The engagement could vary, including asking questions either to gather relevant feedback or simply to offer a place for sharing stories and other creative expression. Any surface could be used (chalk on footpaths, timber/vinyl boards, glass windows of vacant properties, street poles, bricks etc). Inspired by the popular work of Candy Chang, we feel this kind of interaction would be very welcomed in the Territory, and will invite creative expression, input, community, collaboration, a sense of being heard, contribution, encouragement to get ‘offline’ and ‘switch off’ and not to mention some Fun! There is a huge trend towards interactive exhibitions, particularly ones that invite viewers to be part of the artwork. This also invites people to experience art, design, culture, and Darwin in a different way.

How you will make this project happen?

We would firstly work with the Activate Darwin team to develop a content plan to brainstorm ideas around what information they would like to gather, and discover a clear purpose behind each installation. We would then develop a site plan, and identify locations that would best engage with the target audience. We would then gather permission from the relevant bodies (Council, NTG and owners of property) around installation. Studio B will complete all graphic design and artwork setup, and seek final approval from relevant bodies prior to collaborating with a local signwriting company to complete the printing, production and installation of the decals or installations. We will ensure that any installs that are intended to be placed outdoors are produced on durable material that is suitable for our harsh weather conditions (wet & dry seasons).

When will the project start and finish? How long will it take?

The project can get underway straight away, and could be executed within a few weeks, but would likely require 6 to 8 weeks to allow for the initial strategy / creative work to be completed. Budget depending, there could be a few different installations created initially, and then others added at a later date to keep it interesting.

What permits or whose permission will you need to implement the project? What do you already have and what will you need to obtain?

Once the locations of each installation are decided, we would seek approval from the property owner, City of Darwin, Activate Darwin and Northern Territory Government prior to developing anything further.

How will you deliver the project, including how many people will be involved and any partnerships you have developed?

Studio B would oversee the project, in conjunction with the Activate Darwin team and liaising with relative stakeholders. The number of people involved will depend on the scale of the final designs/installations, and we will collaborate with other local artists/designers/illustrators to assist with the artwork if required. We would also collaborate with local sign writers to deliver the printing, production and assist with the final installation.

How will you know your project is successful?

The installations would prove that this is a success, as soon as people start using/engaging with them which would be a very fast measure. Based on the response to Candy Chang’s artworks, and other similar user experiences, we know this will be a welcomed initiative. Creative expression and an eagerness to contribute is now hugely popular – think; emoji’s, snapchat filters, and the increase of selectable responses on Facebook. People are now valuing experiences based on how ‘sharable’ they are, so we would soon see that this project is successful by how much it is shared on social media (trackable with a prompted hashtag). Similar installations could also be created targeting particular audiences, or integrated into key local major events as a way of gathering feedback in an interesting, creative and inviting way.

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